Pencil grips for handwriting are important to help children develop a good handwriting habit. I believe that in order for a person to develop good habits when he gets old, it is important to start at a young age. Even with handwriting habits, teaching and reinforcing the proper grip is important to be taught at an early age in order to develop a good handwriting habit. I am imposing a good handwriting habit because we can all agree that long hours of writing can cause fatigue, pain and even cause cramps on the hands. But all this can be avoided if you have a good handwriting habit. I have listed below some techniques on how you can help develop and teach your child the proper pencil grip.

Determine Handedness

Determine which hand the child uses more often when writing or when drawing anything. Knowing which hand the child uses can help you teach the correct grip on that hand. Insert pencil grips on his pencils or pens and observe which hand he is more comfortable holding the pens and pencils with grips in.

Determining the handedness of the child is very important when teaching the proper grip. I know how difficult and challenging it can be for a child to learn the proper grip especially if he is already used to a certain grip that may be inefficient but he feels comfortable in. Teaching the child the correct pencil grip on the hand he uses when writing can help him learn the correct pencil grip faster. Furthermore, making him feel comfortable learning the right grip is important and this can only be achieved if he is using the hand he is most comfortable in.

Correct Finger Placement Using Pencil Grips For Handwriting

It is important to teach kids the right placement of fingers when teaching them the more efficient grips when writing. But before proceeding with teaching the right pencil grip, it is crucial that you show and teach the child the various grips he can choose from so he can decide the best grip that he is comfortable using when writing or holding writing materials. Show them how fingers should be placed and positioned against each other and ask them whether such is comfortable or not after a few writing trials using said grip and then teach him another grip if he is uncomfortable.

Use Small Tools

It is best to insert pencil grips on pens and pencils that are of normal size. This will help the child develop and feel what a normal pencil and pen feels like. Usually, when kids are taught the proper grip using pencil grips inserted on primary-sized pencils, they can develop an awkward grip that might develop into a habit. This can make him feel uneasy and confused later on when advances to using normal-sized pens and pencils. Therefore, it is best to let the child use the right size early on.

Developing A Good Habit Using Pencil Grips For Handwriting

As I menimage_previewtioned above, good habits develop in the early stages of life. Hence, if you want the child to develop a good habit in holding normal-sized pens and pencils, allow him to use this as early as he can. Use pencil grips for handwriting to develop his handedness, to teach him the correct finger placement, and to allow him to feel at ease with normal sized pens and pencils.

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