Weighted pencil grips can help people with hand tremors and poor writing skills write better. I find that pencil grips that are weighted are therapeutic in nature enabling people to improve and make their handwriting more legible. Additionally, people who write too hard or hold their pens too much can benefit from using pencil grips with weights control their grip. This will then prevent you from breaking or snapping crayons, pencils and pens when you use them. People who write too lightly and have very little sensory feedback can help develop their muscles for proper grip. Nonetheless, pencil grips with weights can help individuals with writing and sensory problems.

Features Of Weighted Pencil Grips

I know how hard it is to write when you have very heavy grip and write too hard on the paper. Oftentimes, I break the tip of my pencil or pen and waste paper because I could never use the back part of my notebook. This is why I find pencil grips with weights really helpful. It helps control the pressure I put on the pen when writing because of the heavy weight I feel every time I write. Aside from that, it also helps relieve fatigue when writing too hard because I don’t have to use too much strength anymore when writing. It also helps build muscle strength when writing for people who have poor sensory feedback and grip on the pen. Weights on pencils also help improve legibility of handwriting, prevent cramping when writing, and decreases tremors on the hands.

How Pencil Grips With Weights Can Help

Just like me, more and more people are finding weights on pencils very useful as well. I have very strong grip and writes heavily on paper. But other people who do not have the same writing problems still find using weights on pencil very useful. Kids who are attending occupational therapy schools who want to improve their writing skills can also benefit from this. This enables children to control their grip especially when drawing curves and circles. Moreover, purchasing one for your child will help him practice even if he is not in an occupational therapy session. It helps him practice better writing at home and even in his real school.

Weighted Pencil Grips For People With Trembling Hands

I find that people with hand tremors are the ones who benefit from weighted grips on pencils the most. The heavy weight helps steady their hands so they can write properly and legibly. They can use this also as therapeutic device to control and manage the tremors they experience. Therefore, not only are weighted grips on pencils helpful in enabling people to write better and more legibly, they can also help control and manage hand tremors.

Using Weighted Grips On Pencils

51lnbcwvfsL._SL500_AA300_If you experience any writing problems, using weighted grips on your pens and pencils can be a great idea. This can help you develop your writing skills and enable you to write more legibly. Use weighted pencil grips and control your tremors, manage pressure and stress exerted when writing, and relieve fatigue whenever you write.

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