Triangle pencil grips are being used by many kindergartens to promote the correct writing grip among very young students. It is very important to develop this important habit early, since it can be difficult to break ingrained habits later on. Using the right pencil grip is important since it allows you to write comfortably so that your mind can focus on developing ideas instead of the act of writing itself. And unlike other pencil grips, this type of grip has flattened sides that let you see exactly where to place your child’s fingers for the proper grip.

The Importance Of The Right Writing Grip

If you watch children writing with a pencil, you may notice that some of them use four fingers to write with. The problem with using this grip is that it causes cramping while writing, which affects the quality of the penmanship as well as discouraging children from writing for long periods of time. Hence, it becomes more difficult for them to learn to write as well as to develop legible penmanship. The grip recommended by experts is called the tripod and uses the first three fingers of the hand, including the thumb. This grip is what the triangular grip aims to promote.

Note that when the correct grip is used, it is the middle and pointing fingers that actually do the writing, with the thumb just acting as a fulcrum to hold the pencil in place.

Triangle Pencil Grips Benefits

  1. They are very easy to use. All you have to do is place the grip on the pencil and place your child’s fingers in the proper position.
  2. They are made with a soft rubbery substance that is comfortable to hold.
  3. They are made with bright neon colors that are sure to appeal to young children.
  4. They are available in both regular and extra-large sizes so that they can be used by children of various age ranges, and even many adults.
  5. They can be used by both left and right-handed children.
  6. They make writing more comfortable even for those who already know the correct pencil grip.
  7. They are very affordable and can be purchased at virtually any online or offline outlet that offers school and office supplies.

How To Use Triangle Pencil Grips

  1. Place the grip on the pencil.
  2. Place the child’s thumb on one side of the grip.
  3. Place the middle and pointer fingers on the other two sides of the grip.
  4. Let the child write using the grip on their pencils until they become accustomed to it.

Pencil Grips Also Appropriate For Adults

Pencil stetroAlthough originally designed for children, an increasing number of adults are now using pencil grips to retrain their hands in the proper gripping technique. Using the right grip allows them to become more productive, particularly if they are in professions that require them to use pencils or other writing instruments for long periods of time, i.e. artists, architects, bookkeepers. For these adults, triangle pencil grips have also become an invaluable tool that they can use to make the physical act of writing more comfortable.

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